Dimensional Development Mods

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These are the mods that were created by the Dimensional Development team.

Dimensional Doors

Main article: Dimensional Doors


VanillaFix is a performance mod for Forge 1.12. It fixes a number of bugs which are present in Vanilla Minecraft, such as MC-129057, a bug where the recipe book ignores items with NBT data. It also adds a variety of information to the debug screen (toggled with F3) and also adds some performance optimisations to Minecraft.

A key feature of this mod, is its ability to "catch" crashes, meaning that if the game crashes, it will prevent the actual game from shutting down. Instead, it will just close the world you are playing in. When a crash occurs, it also provides the name of the mod which caused the exception, removing the need to look for it in the crash log.

Just Enough IDs

Just Enough IDs is a mod that removes the block, item, biome, potion, and enchantment ID limits by using the 1.13 chunk format in 1.12.

More specifically, it uses a blockstate palette when saving chunks to NBT, and uses an int biome array rather than a byte biome array.

Unlike Not Enough IDs, removing a mod is supported, and won't cause corruption of the worlds created with that mod. However, removing Just Enough IDs will break worlds that were used with it.

The mod is no longer needed for Minecraft 1.13 and newer.


Rift is a modding API for Minecraft 1.13. The API's aim is to provide a lightweight alternative to Forge, which was not available for that version.

The main goal of Rift was to provide a mod API capable of extending any aspect of the game while changing the game as little as possible and adding no additional dependencies. Rather than an over-complicated event system, Rift inplemented a simple, faster, and cleaner interface-based system for extending vanilla Minecraft.

For modifying vanilla behavior, Rift encourages mods to use the Mixin library to add callbacks or redirects in any vanilla method, rather than an fixed and inflexible set of hooks.

Since the development of the Fabric modding toolchain for 1.14 and above, Rift has been abandoned.