Haykam's mods

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Haykam's mods

multiple mods

Name Haykam's mods
Categories Cosmetic
Author haykam
Latest version multiple mods
Mod Loader Fabric
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These mods were all created by haykam and are for Fabric.

Apple Grind

Allows enchanted golden apples to be grinded in the grindstone.

Brute Imitation

Allows parrots to imitate Piglin Brutes.

Cart Boosts

Brings back minecart boosting from earlier beta versions of Minecraft.


Place two parallel tracks with minecarts next to each other. This will cause the minecarts to start moving together and boosting each other.


Adds "column" variants to blocks.

Compost Recipes

Adds recipe support for the composter.


Add a recipe using the following format to your datapack:

 "type": "compostrecipes:composting", 
 "ingredient": { 
  "item": "minecraft:dead_bush"
 "chance": 0.5, 
 "layers": 3


Makes the Minecraft window borderless.


Removes the modded notice on the window title and title screen.

Empty Tag Fix

Fixes an issue with loading multiple empty tags in Minecraft 1.16 pre-release 3.


Fabricbridge adds support for the Minecraft chat to Matterbridge, a tool which allows various chat services to interconnect. It can be used to, for example, show chat messages from a Minecraft server in Discord.

Highlight Unrestrictor

Allows the 'Highlight Players' functionality to be used in all gamemodes.

Hollow Logs

Hollow Logs simply adds hollow logs to Minecraft.

They are crafted via 6 logs, in a 'twin towers' shape. You get 6 hollow logs from this recipe.

Imbued Torches

Click on a regular torch with redstone dust to convert the torch into a redstone torch. Doing so will consume the redstone dust.

In addition, this mod changes the crafting recipe for the redstone torch to require a normal torch instead of a stick.

Lid Space

Fixes chests opening when the block face above either side is full. This means lower half slabs or transparent blocks will no longer work as ceilings above chests.


Allows a player to recieve loot when they join the server.


In a datapack, override the following loot tables:

  • lootstrap:first_join: Gives the loot table to a player when they first join a server.
  • lootstrap:rejoin: Gives the loot table to a player when they join a server after the first time.
  • lootstrap:join: Gives the loot table to a player when they join a server, no matter which time.


Allows configuring mutually exclusive enchantments.


By default, Mutuality removes the mutual exclusivity of every vanilla enchantment. Each individual instance of enchantment incompatibility can be configured.

To do so, the config/mutuality.json can be edited manually, or the Mod Menu can be used. Descriptions for each configuration option are available in-game with Mod Menu.

Painting Cycle

Allows the player to cycle through paintings. To do so, a placed painting must be right-clicked with another painting. The placed painting will now change to another painting of the same size.

Phantom Pillows

Adds a block that prevents elytra collision damage. This can be crafted using 8 phantom membranes around a single wool block. This block stops both fall damage (being bouncy instead) and elytra collision damage.


Plays a sound when Minecraft is finished loading.

Raw Tooltips

Adds the raw ID to item tooltips.


When advanced tooltips are enabled (F3 + H), a number indicating the item's raw ID will appear next to the item's name.

Scale Vacuum

Adds a customizable void dimension for survival.


The dimension can be entered and exited by using an ancient chorus fruit. To craft this, chorus fruit and a nether star must be put together in a crafting table. This item is consumable, so round-trips require 2 ancient chorus fruit. Falling into the void or eating an ancient chorus fruit inside the dimension will bring you back to the overworld at your bed spawn or the world spawn.

Inside the dimension, one starts with a maximum of 2 hearts "due to the dimension's air being hard to breathe". This air can be purified 4 times to gain back access to all 10 hearts. A single purifier is crafted with 4 dragon scales sheared off a dragon egg and an eye of ender. The dimension comes with a starting platform made of scale blocks, smooth scale blocks, and unbreakable scale bedrock.

Decoration blocks

There are several decorations and building materials available. Dragon scales can be compacted into scale blocks, which serve as a deep purple building block. They can be shaped into slabs, stairs, and walls. These scale blocks can be decompressed back into 9 dragon scales. They can also become the lighter smooth scale block which has slab and stair variants.

Sneaky Screens

Persists the sneak state in screens.

Splash Concrete

Allows hardening concrete powder to concrete by throwing a splash water bottle.

Two Zero Bee

Fixes the server startup crash bug on 20w20a.

Wool Temples

Changes the terracotta in desert temples back to wool.