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Name TacoCraft
Categories Unspecified
Author ffrann
Latest version vv1.3.1 (for Minecraft 1.16.1)
Mod Loader Fabric
CurseForge project

TacoCraft is a mod created for Modfest 1.15 in April 2020. It adds several new tacos and a new two new blocks used for cooking tortillas.

2020-04-07 21.29.25.png

Feature List

Here are the tacos that are in the mod:
- Steak Taco
- Carnitas Taco
- Al Pastor Taco
- Fish Taco
- Chicken Taco
- Cheesy Taco
- Crunchy Taco
- Golden Taco
And here are other things in the mod:
- Corn Crop
- Brick Furnace
- Comal
- Tortilla
- Crunchy Shell

How to Make Tacos

To make tacos, you just need a type of meat and a tortilla, and sometimes a fruit like an apple (Carnitas Taco). Tacos "assembled" in a crafting table.

Tortillas have a special system to be created. It requires Corn. Corn Kernels can be acquired by breaking grass blocks. Once you have grown corn, it can either be crafted into corn kernels or into Tortilla Dough.

To bake tortilla dough into tortillas, you will need the Brick Furnace and the Comal. Place the brick furnace down and the comal over it. Put fuel in the brick furnace, then right click the comal with tortilla dough, and it will start to cook. It takes about 15 seconds to bake. Once it is done baking, take out the tortilla by right clicking the Comal and enjoy your tortilla, or make it into a taco!