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Example Block
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Iron Pickaxe
Blast Resistance 20
Hardness 20
Luminant Yes (14)
Transparent No
Flammable No
Catches fire from lava Yes


Image should be a render of the block. Renewable can be yes, no or yes mods (yes mods means it is only renewable with other mods). Transparent, Flammable and Lavasusceptible can only be yes or no. Stackable is how many items can be in one stack. Use 1 if the item is not stackable. Tool is the tool that is preferred to be used on this block. If the block is unbreakable, use none. Use any if the block does not have a preferred tool. Blast Resistance and Hardness are the values from the code, and can not be got in-game. Light is the light level that this block emits. Use 0 if the block does not emit any light. Transparent is if you can see through part of this block, and is not as obvious as it may seem. Flammable and if the block catches fire from lava can sometimes be different.


{{Infobox block
| name        = Example Block
| image       = [[File:MWPlogo.png|250x250px|center]]
| renewable   = no
| stackable   = 64
| tool        = Iron Pickaxe
| blastres    = 20
| hardness    = 20
| light       = 14
| transparent = no
| flammable   = no
| catchesfire = yes