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Someone's Mod
Name Someone's Mod
Categories Category
Another category
Author Someone
Latest version v1.0.2 (for Minecraft 1.16.5)
Unstable version v1.1.0-pre.3
(for Minecraft 21w07a)
Mod Loader Fabric / Forge
Links go here


See Template:Infobox for main info. Categories should contain all the relevant categories from the CurseForge page (excluding the Fabric category), and Author should include all usernames listed on CurseForge.

Latest version should be the version number from CurseForge without a v at the beginning, Minecraft version should be the Minecraft version that the latest mod version was built for. Unstable version should be the same as the latest version if there is no unstable version. If the mod that the infobox is used for has not been released yet, use Unreleased as the version.

Mod Loader can be Fabric or Forge (use Fabric / Forge if the mod is available for both). This will put the page into the Fabric or Forge category automatically.

CurseForge, Sources, Discord and Website links can be omitted if the mod doesn't have them. The image should be the CurseForge logo for that mod.


{{Infobox mod
| name       = Someone's Mod
| image      = [[File:MWPlogo.png|250x250px|center]]
| categories = Category<br>Another category
| author     = Someone
| version    = 1.0.2
| mcversion  = 1.16.5
| unstable   = 1.1.0-pre.3 |unstablebr = 1
| unstablemc = 21w07a
| loader     = Fabric / Forge
| curseforge =
| modrinth   =
| sources    =
| discord    = 
| url        =
| links      = More links go here