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Welcome to MWP Wiki!

The Modding Wiki Project is a project dedicated to creating wikis for large content-filled mods for the sandbox game Minecraft which do not currently have sufficient documentation online. If you are interested, you can join the Discord here. It is recommended that you join the Discord server so you can be updated on the latest news regarding the project. We could really use some contributions to help the wiki grow, so if you can add something then please do!


This wiki is in a very early stage, and as such many pages are stubs and won't have much information. However, there are a few impressive pages made by dedicated members of the community, and they can be found at Category:High quality articles!


You can now make wiki articles! You must have an account to do this, and consider asking before starting a new mod, existing mod pages are found at Category:Mods
When making articles, instead of making one article for every block/item, it is recommended that you group similar items together to reduce the number of stub pages on the wiki.
As of yet, there is no specific style guide, but the general rule is to make your articles unbiased, clear and informative. Admins will regularly check pages and amend them if needed.


The various templates needed for making MWP articles can be found at Category:Templates.