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These mods were all created by TheBrokenRail and are all for Fabric.

TheBrokenRail's mods
Name TheBrokenRail's mods
Categories Unspecified
Author TheBrokenRail
Latest version Unspecified
Mod Loader Fabric
CurseForge project
Jenkins CI


SorceryCraft adds spells to the game that can be crasting using the Casting Table. Spells can't be be crafted until they are discovered by the player.

  • Casting Table (allows you to craft spells)
  • Spell
  • Random spells added to chest loot
  • /spell command


RelicCraft adds random naturally-generating relics to the game. It also adds the Time Temple structure which contains the Time Dilator, which can slow down time. It aslso adds a use for the Dragon Egg and makes it renewable. The Dragon Egg can be used in the Teleportation Beacon, and Teleportation Restrictor. It was created for ModFest 1.15.

  • Teleportation Restrictor (disables teleportation around it if active)
  • Teleportation Beacon (allows creation of targeted ender pearls)
  • Magical Orb Relic
  • Magical Staff Relic
  • Time Dilater
  • Adds Time Temple structure


SlightlyVanilla is a Vanilla+ mod that adds a few configurable tweaks and changes to the game.

  • Use Respawn Anchor in any dimension
  • Instant kill in Creative Mode
  • Throwable slime balls
  • Throwable spawn eggs
  • Open loot chests in Spectator Mode
  • Crying Obsidian Nether Portal
  • Allow leashing villagers
  • Disable instant Nether Portal in Creative Mode


Twine is a simple survival mod encouraging a nomadic lifestyle. The longer you stay in one area, the more difficult it becomes.

  • Glowing Obsidian generates (heals monsters, hurts everything else)
  • Small backpack
  • Large backpack


ModUpdater is a mod that automatically detects mod updates. It can only scan mods that have opted-in. It also runs on servers and adds the /modupdater command.

  • /modupdater command


EnergonRelics is a simple technology mod that adds a wireless energy system. It also adds several blocks and items to interact with and manipulate the energy system such as Solar Panels and Block Breakers.

  • Veridium Ore
  • Veridium Block
  • Solar Panel
  • Energon Light
  • Thermal Casing
  • Thermal Glass
  • Reactor Core
  • Reactor Controller
  • Reactor Input
  • Battery Core
  • Passive Battery Controller
  • Active Battery Controller
  • Defensive Laser
  • Block Breaker
  • Forcefield Projector
  • Tractor Beam Projector
  • Industrial Laser
  • Switch
  • Energy Projector
  • Energy Portal
  • Creative Energy Source
  • Lightning Rod
  • Holographic Sky
  • Infuser
  • Phase Shifter
  • Circuit Board
  • Network Chip
  • Veridium Ingot
  • Veridium Powder
  • Potion Of Degradation
  • Veridium Orb
  • Multimeter
  • Defensive Laser Core
  • Research Complex structure, which is as rare as an Igloo